The TOMEGAS s.r.o. company offers a complex system of services and products in the area of liquefied gases.

We offer complex services

  • Supplies of propane and propane-butane for heating of family houses, hospitals, hotels, industrial objects etc.
  • Supplies of propane and propane-butane for technological purposes (e.g. wood drying rooms, glassworks, pharmaceutical factories etc.)
  • A heating of towns or their parts
  • A supply and rent of a stack, including a connection to a heating system
  • A complete supply of heating systems on key
  • Supplies of LPG to gas stations
  • A complete supply or rent of LPG station
  • Supplies of propane-butane to filling stations of PB bottles
  • Distribution of PB bottles including an establishment of a selling place
  • Suppliesofpowered propane forforktrucks
  • Isobutane supplies for technological purposes (e.g. spray filling, plastic, rubber and isolation materials pruduce, etc.)
  • Ensuring of a maintenance and regular revisions.
  • A free consultation and advisory service.


One part of the supplier programme of The TOMEGAS Company is a distribution of LPG into filling stations for motor vehicles all over Czech and Slovak Republic.

Gas pressure containers

Propane and propane-butane are stored in gas pressure containers. These containers are situated outside the building in overground or underground design.


The supplier programme of our company also includes a supply of pressure bottles of propane or propane-butane. Propane-butane bottles can be used in many ways.


Isobutane and its mixture with propane are used in industrial and technical production for spray filling, production of plastic, rubber and isolation materials etc.