Gas pressure containers

Propane and propane-butane are stored in gas pressure containers.

Gas pressure containers are situated outside the building in overground or underground design. According to a consumption it is possible to install them from 2 m3 (mainly for family houses) to 250 m3.


Propane and propane-butane, the liquefied gases have a lot of uses in industry. Except of usual uses like heating of workplaces, this liquefied gas can be used for any other industrial specializations.More info +


Nowadays heating with propane liquefied gas is one of the most ecological and the most comfortable way of heating of family houses, flat and recreational objects, hotels, hospitals etc. More info +

ButanButane – the cheapest heating

A possibility of propane, butane or other substance mixtures using is the best solution in places, where is no possibility to connect to a natural gas. Compared with the natural gas, it isn´t always more expensive solution.More info +