Butane – the cheapest heating

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Fume Stations

A possibility of using propane, butane or other substance mixtures is the best solution in places, where is no possibility to connect to a natural gas. Compared with the natural gas, it isn´t always the more expensive solution.

Nowadays, there are top technologies (fume stations) on the market that can operate with a butane gas which is more warming than a propane gas and also cheaper.

Butane and propane gases and mixtures of them are essentially more advantageous ecological fuel that can be used where are problems with connecting to natural gas and are cheaper than other heating media (e.g. light fuel oil, electricity or coke).

There is a brief summary of warming of some heating media of today using.

The result of this table is that the butane and propane gases are the best in warming:

Type Warming  MJ/kg Warming  kWh
Butane 47,70 MJ/kg 13,25 kWh/kg
Propane 46,60 MJ/kg 12,94 kWh/kg
Light fuel oil 42,00 MJ/kg 11,66 kWh/kg
Natural gas 33,50 MJ/kg 9,30 kWh/kg
Coke 27,50 MJ/kg 7,63 kWh/kg
Black coal 23,10 MJ/kg 6,42 kWh/kg
Wooden pellets 17,00 MJ/kg 4,72 kWh/kg
Wooden chips 12,50 MJ/kg 3,47 kWh/kg

A high warming has some advantages, e.g. for your annual consumption of heating you need a minimum amount of fuel. Look at the summary:


A consumption of each commodities for producing of 1GJ of warm:

Druh Consumption for 1GJ
Butane 20,96 kg/GJ
Propane 21,46 kg/GJ
Light fuel oil 23,80 kg/GJ
Natural gas 29,85 kg/GJ
Coke 36,36 kg/GJ
Black coal 43,29 kg/GJ
Wooden pellets 58,82 kg/GJ
Wooden chips 80,00 kg/GJ

The fume station is basically a gas heater. The gas enters to the fume station as a liquid and leave as a gas.

Advantages of fume stations using

  1. The fume station is able to give practically an every needed feat, also in systems of MW and actually when the number of the gas containers is minimal.
  2. The fume station is able to operate with a clear butane that is the best heating medium at the market in warming, as you can see in the summary. And actually it´s cheaper than a clear propane.
  3. You gain a needed evaporation, although the usual heat in the place isn t sufficient for evaporation.
  4. You use 100% of the gas in the gas container and eliminate a threat of a gas condensation and a freezing of the container.
  5. It prevents a separation of the propane and butane gases and changes of combustion property.

Types of the fume stations

Electric fume stations

The fume stations Zimmer are suitable for commercial, industrial and living use.

  • Dual designs: Z40L (propane) or Z40P (propane-butane with max. 80% of butane contain).
  • Principle of an evaporation based on an electricity: no water system – no corrosion, minimal maintenance.
  • An evaporation process is self-adjustable: no switches, heating regulators or transferences.
  • It s possible to use it in an ex-zone: It can be installed to a horizontal tank.
  • Installation: It s possible to install it on the wall, into the wardrobe, also to keep two and more of the fume stations in parallel.
  • CE and ATEX certificated.
  Topení Butanem

Hot water fume stations

This device uses hot water for the gas heating. That´s the reason why part of this fume station is a boiler that heats the water.

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