Propane and propane-butane, the liquefied gases have a lot of uses in industry.

Apart from usual uses like heating of each of every workplaces, water heating or cooking, this liquefied gas can be used for any other industrial specializations.

  • glassmaking, metallurgy and engineering – melting and drying furnaces
  • chemical industry – volcanic machines, shaping of plastics, drying
  • timber industry – wood drying
  • construction – produce of mixture in a packaging plant
  • energetics – produce of warmness and warm water

Compared with other energy sources (e.g. brown and black coal, light fuel oil), the use of liquefied gas is one of the easiest to operate with and it almost doesnt pollute the environment.

The liquefied gas is stored in the gas pressure containers.

A determination of an extend of the gas pressure containers and their quantity is based on a total performance of a technology or an appliance.

The gas pressure containers are produced in sizes of 2,7 m3 – 100 m3. For a right choice of a place for the gas pressure container is important to consider a protection zone. The TOMEGAS s.r.o. Company provides full services including a project, an advantageous sale or a rent of a pressure container and a regular maintenance and a revision.

The liquefied gas is supplied by our tankers round the Czech and the Slovak Republic and also to difficult areas. The containers don´t need to be situated right by the traffic communication because we are able to supply LPG by tanks with a 4x4 drive and an extended bottling hose with length of max. 40 metres.

Supplies are done according to needs of a customer. A transport and a bottling of a liquefied gas are included in a price.