PB bottles

The supplier programme of our company includes supplies of propane and propane-butane in pressure bottles.

The propane-butane bottles can be used in many ways. They can be used in industry (glassmaking, drying rooms, asphalt producing, heating, etc.) and also for recreational objects heating, cooking etc. Thanks to their mobility (possibility of an easy moving of the bottles) they are popular mainly for summer camping.

The supplier programme of our company also includes a supply of storage cages to new selling places with a possibility of supplying bottles.

Our company offers our filling stations services of PB bottles to distributors and other subscribers. To fill the bottles it´s possible in the Czech Republic and also the Slovak Republic. We also offer a transport of filled bottles to your place (a company, to store, etc.). If you prefer to transport the bottles on your own, we can help you with loading. PB bottles and these services we offer for tempting prices. Contact us and make sure about our advantages.


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