Types of PB bottles


As standard we offer propane-butane filled bottles of weight of 2kg, 10kg, 33kg.

Because of the growing supply and demand of a pure propane, we offer this product filled in bottles of 5kg of weight. And we also offer different sizes on the market – 11kg and 33kg!

Advantages of the pure propane filled in bottles are its use in max -42°C, longer stamina, maximal purity and performance. The pure propane on bottles is able to be used with all types of appliances powered by the propane-butane gas.

For a propulsion of fork trucks we use modern relieved steel or aluminous bottles with filling of 11kg. These bottles, unlike usual propane-butane or propane bottles, have white necks and tags. The tag says the bottle is for a propulsion of fork trucks only and it cannot be used for standard appliances.

The TOMEGAS Company s.r.o. buys pressure bottles at renowned abroad producers in EU and these bottles actually comply applicable quality and safety standards. After filling bottle, a valve gets a TOMEGAS one-time seal as a declaration of a gas quality and a right weight of filled bottles. Filled bottles are marked with tags in accordance with a safety legislation – the chemical substances law.