Propane butane

Propane and butane belong to a group of hydrocarbon gases with three or four atoms of carbon in the molecule. They are made during an oil processing.

Liquefied propane-butane is a colourless and volatile liquid with a specific smell. When the pressure is normal (atmospheric) and a temperature also, propane-butane is a gas mixture but when the pressure is higher the gaseous form changes to a liquid form and its volume is 260x bigger. This is why it is possible to storage a giant thermal capacity in a quite small container.

Propane-butane is a mixture of propane and butane. They both are not poisonous - an accidental drip evaporates and does not pollute groundwater. Emission characteristic of both products is comparable with natural gas and in some characteristic they are better.

Propane-butane - features Scale units Propane Butane
Chemical formula - C3H8 C4H10
Molecule weight - 44,094 58,12
Liquid state
Density at 2000C Kg/m3 502 579
Melting point when pressure 101,08 kPa oC -189 -135
BP when pressure 101,08 kPa oC -42,6 -0,6
Severe temperature oC 95,6 153
Severe pressure Mpa 4,45 3,721
Gross calorific value KJ/kg 50,3 49,56
Gaseous state
Density when 101,08 kPa Kg/m3 2,019 2,703
Consistension 1 1,562 2,091
Evaporating warmth when BP and pressure 101,08 kPa KJ/kg 444,057 387,79
Gross calorific value when 00C, 101,08 kPa MJ/kg 100,986 133,97
Calorific value when 00C, 101,08 kPa MJ/m3 92,989 123,76
Lower limit of explosiveness with the air % 2,1 1,5
Upper limit of explosiveness with the air % 10,1 8,4
Inflammability point oC 510 490